John McAlister

Columbus, Ohio



If you could loan $25 to

a person somewhere in the

world to better his or her life, would you?


How to get your  constitution back.




Welcome!  This page will tell you about me and some of my interests.  Use the links as a source point for more information on the various topics.  Enjoy and prosper! 


Biographical Information  Background, education and experience.        Company I founded in 1986.


Gahanna City Council       City Councilman - 2002 - 2011


U.S. Senate Campaign      Archived website of my candidacy for

                                      U.S. Senate in 2000.

                                      Note:  Some of the information

                                      and links are now out of date.  


Thrive - What on earth will it take?

Education Alternatives


Anarchy - It's not what you think.



 My Wish List